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EU AI Act and its implications


  • Date : Monday, June 24

  • Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM JST

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Language: English

  • Registration: please register from here


A new AI Act was approved by the EU in May 2024 after three years of discussion. It will be the first comprehensive regulatory framework for AI in the world and is likely to influence many other countries’ legislation, just like the GDPR has done. 


Our representative partner, Kengo Nishigaki and Patrick Forman, GI&T’s data and AI specialist, will host a presentation on Monday, July 1 to explain the key features of the new law and how, in particular, it might apply in practice to Japanese companies and the AI products they buy or sell. We will also offer some thoughts on the questions companies should be thinking about now – not just to prepare for new regulation, but also to make sure that they maximize AI’s value. As we will explain, there is likely to be considerable overlap between ethical AI and effective AI.


Please join us for this essential seminar to stay ahead of the curve in AI regulation and to ensure your company’s AI strategies are both compliant and value-maximizing.

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