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Representative Partner

Kengo Nishigaki


Professional Summary

Kengo Nishigaki founded GI&T Law Office LC in 2020. Before then, he worked for Baker & McKenzie from 2000 to 2020, being a partner of the dispute resolution group for longer than 10 years.  He also belonged to Corporate M&A Group to support clients for international M&A and joint venture transactions. From 2004 to 2005, he worked at Baker & McKenzie's Chicago office where he assisted a case related to compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and formation of joint venture in the chemical industry. He is admitted to practice in Japan and New York. Kengo was partially seconded to ZimmerBiomet at its Japanese subsidiary, a global medical device company to support their in-house work from 2016 to 2017.


Practice Focus

Kengo's practice focuses on fraud investigations for Japanese and foreign listed companies, as well as matters related to compliance with anti-corruption laws including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan. Kengo also assists major Japanese and foreign-listed companies in litigations and other types of dispute resolutions such as arbitration and mediation for the healthcare and IT industry. Further he represents international clients to form joint ventures and conduct M&A transactions, and assists them with setting up operations in Japan.


Representative Clients, Cases or Matters

  • Assisted Japanese listed companied with establishing global whistleblower systems.

  • Represented a global pharmaceutical company for an international arbitration at ICC Paris.

  • Assisted a listed US company to form a joint venture with a listed Japanese company in the chemical industry.

  • Represented an international IT company operating in Tokyo for several labor disputes at the courts of Japan.

  • Represented a Japanese real estate company for negotiation with an international hotel chain to open a hotel in Tokyo.

  • Conducting internal investigations for major international pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

  • Assisted global pharmaceutical and medical device companies with clinical research agreements with hospitals.

  • Assisted one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in a dispute with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, the largest Japanese pharmaceutical industry organization, regarding alleged inappropriate spending on healthcare professionals.

  • Assisted one of the world's largest medical device companies in a dispute with the Japan Fair Competition Council, a medical device industry association given regulatory authority under the Japanese Anti-Trust Law.

  • Assisted one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in establishing off-label and donation compliance systems.

  • Conducted nationwide anti-corruption seminars for American Medical Device and Diagnostics, an industry organization of American medical technology and diagnostic companies in Japan in  2012 to 2017.

  • Served as a member of a third party investigation committee for Japan Transportation Consultants, one of the largest consulting and engineering companies in Japan, regarding its suspected bribery of foreign officials in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan which led to the arrest of four company officials in Vietnam and a further investigation in Indonesia. This has been the largest foreign bribery case since the enactment of Article 18 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan to comply with to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

  • Assisted major listed Japanese companies with establishing and implementing their anti-corruption policies (in pharmaceutical, medical technology, trading, printing, automotive and chemical industries).

  • Conducted anti-corruption analysis for one of the largest US defense companies in terms of its relationship with a Japanese trading company.

  • Conducted fraud investigations as a member of an independent committee of a Japan-listed company.

  • Conducted fraud investigations and represented a major IT-related company in a lawsuit.


Publications, Presentations and Articles

  • Co-author, "Practical Operations for Global Hotline System", Chuokeizai-sha, May 2022, Language: Japanese.

  • Provide FCPA trainings to dealers in the medical device industry for American Medical Devices and Diagnostics, an industry organization, from 2012 to 2020.

  • Authored "Introduction to FCPA Resource Guide 2nd Edition", Business Law Journal, LexisNexis, November 2020.

  • Chief editor and co-author, "Anti-Corruption Practice for Companies Doing Business Abroad, " Chuokeizai-sha, May 20, 2013, Language: Japanese.

  • Co-author, "How to Respond to FCPA Resource Guide", Business Law Journal, Lexis Nexis, March 2013.

  • Co-author, "UK Bribery Act", Business Law Journal, LexisNexis, August 2011.

  • Co-author, "Response to Risks Arising from UK Bribery Act 2010", Junkan Keirijouhou, Chuokeizai-sha, April 2011.

  • Co-author and editor, "Legal and tax practices on conducting business in Asia - from business start-up to expansion and withdrawal," Chuokeizai-sha, August 2011, Language: Japanese.

  • Co-author, "Joint Venture and Contracts", special series, Business Homu, June, August and October 2008.

  • Author, "Practical Response to Reporting Obligations under the Consumer Product Safety Act", Business Homu, February 2008.

Professional Affiliations

  • Kengo is a member of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Tokyo Bar Association and the New York Bar Association.


Education and Admission

  • Kengo received his LLB from the University of Tokyo, and his LLM from the New York University School of Law.

Work History

2000 – 2020 Baker McKenzie Tokyo Office

2008 – 2020 Partner, Dispute Resolution Group, Baker McKenzie Tokyo Office


-      Japanese, English

Nishigaki - Profile


Tsutomu Hiraishi



Tsutomu Hiraishi obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Tokyo in 1988. Further, he received his Master of Laws from University of Pennsylvania, Law School (LL.M.) in 1993 and New York University, School of Law (LL.M. in Corporation Law) in 1994. In 1998 – 2000, he attended a training course at the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan.


Representative Clients, Cases or Matters

In 1988 – 1996, he worked for the Bank of Tokyo, Ltd. (Kanda Office, Capital Markets Division, and Legal Department). After the mandatory two-year training at the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan, he joined Baker & McKenzie GJBJ – Tokyo Aoyama Aoki Koma Law Office in April 2000 and worked as a partner (2006- ) there, until he moved to Jakarta in January 2012.

There are so many works and represented clients, such as Japanese government agencies (JETRO, JBIC, NEDO, etc.), banks, securities companies, major manufacturing companies, trading companies, etc. in relation to cross-border transactions, foreign investment, emissions trading, structured finance, etc.  With respect to the businesses of Japanese companies in Indonesia, he assisted many clients which established joint venture companies, obtained finance from local banks, liquidated its subsidiary, started real estate development projects, filed a civil litigation and criminal report, researched foreign investment regulations or needed other various legal assistance in Indonesia.

From September 2003 until September 2004, he was stationed in Jakarta as Project Formulation Officer (Judicial Reform) of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and dedicated himself to judicial reform by the Supreme Court in Indonesia.

Education and admission

Tsutomu is qualified to practice law in the State of New York (1994), Japan (2000), and England & Wales (2020). 



-      Japanese, English, Bahasa Indonesia

Hiraishi - Profile



Atsushi Hagino


Atsushi Hagino started his career focusing on corporate compliance including litigations and bankruptcy in Japan after admitted in Japan in 2000. Atsushi is fluent in Chinese and he has been assisted major Japanese companies both in Japan and China in their advancement into Chinese markets, operation, withdrawal, intellectual property, dispute resolution and other Chinese legal affairs. In the trends of China Plus One, Atsushi also acquired various Asian languages ​​such as Thai, Vietnamese, and Burmese, and provide legal support for Japanese companies related to these countries. Since 2019, Atsushi has been appointed as a legal advisor of Asia Alliance Partner Co., Ltd. in Thailand, and assisted Japanese companies in Thailand with contracts, labor, land, customs and other legal issues.



1998 BSc Law, University of Tokyo

2002 Diploma in Short-term Chinese language course, Beijing Language and Culture University (now Beijing Language University) 

2012 LL.M in International Commercial Law, Queen Mary, University of London


Work History

1998-2000 The Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan, Law Apprentice

2000-2001 Tanabe & Partners, Associate

2001-2019 Uryu & Itoga (the former name: Itoga Law Office)

2005-2019 Partner

2005-2010 Representative of Shanghai Office

2014-2016 Representative of Beijing Office

2009 Adjunct Instructor, Kyushu University

2019 - Legal Advisor of Asia Alliance Partner, Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)

2020 - GI&T Law Office, Partner



-      Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Burnese

Hagino - Profile
A Griffn


(Foreign Registered Lawyer)

Andrew T. Griffin


After graduating from Vanderbilt Law School in 1989, Andrew Griffin became a research associate in Soviet and East Bloc Law at Vanderbilt. In 1991, Andrew began his career in the oil & gas industry, working for major US oil companies in large-scale petroleum-production, crude oil sales, storage, transportation and marketing, and coalbed methane projects in Russia and Poland. He was a member of the negotiating group that created the first US-Russia oil-production joint venture in Arkhangelsk, Ukhta and Naryan Mar, Russia. Later Andrew was an oil trader (the company specifically wanted a US Russian-speaking lawyer for this position) for a JV based in West Siberia, Houston, and Moscow. Andrew was charged with insuring that the JV did not violate the FCPA in the hazardous business environment of Russia in the mid-90s. Andrew also has experience as in—house counsel for a Houston-based oil company working in the areas of refining and petroleum products, marine law, marketing, sales, storage and transportation both in Houston and several countries in Central and South America, including the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Venezuela. In 2001, Andrew joined a US law firm and worked at their office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, advising clients in oil & gas JVs, government relations (Andrew served in several committees of the Kazakh parliament advising on draft legislation) and construction arbitration. Since 2006, Andrew has been in Tokyo where he has been international in-house counsel for a top Japanese construction company, chief compliance officer for a major Japanese oil & gas offshore production company and law firm of counsel. Andrew has near-native proficiency in Russian and Polish, is fluent in Spanish and has proficiency to perform legal work in Japanese, Portuguese and Ukrainian.



1980  BA in Russian and Polish, University of Tennessee

1986  MA and PhD Candidate in Slavic Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University

1989  JD, Vanderbilt Law School 

Work History

1989-1990  Research Associate at Vanderbilt Law School in USSR and East Block Law

1991-2001  In-house counsel at Conoco Overseas Oil Company, Occidental Petroleum and The Coastal Corporation

2001-2005  Senior Associate and Counsel at Denton Wilde and Coudert Brothers in Almaty, Kazakhstan

2006-2007  Senior Associate at DLA Piper, Tokyo

2008-2012  Senior Legal Counsel at Taisei Construction Company, Tokyo

2013-2015  Chief Compliance Officer MODEC, Tokyo

2015-2018  General Counsel for SIFRO Limited, AI Start-Up Company, Shanghai and Almaty, Kazakhstan

2017-present Adjunct Instructor APU Ritsumeikan University

2018-2022  Foreign Registered Lawyer at Uryu & Itoga, Tokyo

2022-present Foreign Registered Lawyer at GI&T Law Office



-      English, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian



Nobuhiro Matsuo



Nobuhiro Matsuo had been engaged in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases at various local prosecutor's offices since 2005. From 2015 to 2017, he worked as a government attorney at the International Cooperation Department (ICD) of the Ministry of Justice’s Research and Training Institute, where he was involved in providing legal system development support to Asian countries, such as training programs for legal and judicial personnel from target countries in Japan, as well as planning and operation of high-level official invitation programs for legal and judicial institutions. From 2017, Nobuhiro participated in the Vietnam Legal and Judicial Support Project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and was dispatched to Vietnam as a long-term legal expert for two years. Working alongside local legal and judicial institutions, he was involved in planning and implementation of seminars and workshops to share knowledge and experience of Japan's legal system. In September 2019, he received the " Commemorative Medal for Contribution to Procuracy Operations" from the Supreme People's Procuracy of Vietnam, one of the counterparts of the same project. Since 2019, Nobuhiro has been engaged in investigation and prosecution of criminal cases at various local prosecutor's offices again, where he applies his experience and skills in thorough and efficient collection of evidence, including interviews with related parties, and in making accurate claims and evidence in disputes, as well as experience in legal system development support work to support cross-border legal services in Asian countries and beyond.


Publications and Articles

  • "Overview of Vietnam's 2015 Criminal Procedure Code", ICD NEWS No. 79, International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Justice's Research and  Training Institute, June 2019

  • "Overview of Vietnam's 2015 Penal Code", ICD NEWS No. 80, September 2019

  • Revised and supplemented translation of Vietnam's 2015 Penal Code (after the 2017 revision and supplementation), the Ministry of Justice's website

  • Revised and supplemented translation of Vietnam's 2015 Criminal Procedure Code (same as above)

  • "Phone fraud cases : Successfully conducted investigation through the use of related laws and regulations to establish the facts of the crime and to successively secure the custody of the suspects for pushing-up investigations", Sousa Kenkyu, Tokyo Horei Publishing, June 2011

  • "Intention is Embodied in Action - From Two Common Cases", Sousa Kenkyu. Tokyo Horei Publishing, October 2013


Work History

2004           Judicial apprentice at the Supreme Court

2005-2015  Prosecutor, local prosecutor's offices (Tokyo,Osaka,Hiroshima,Chiba,Yokohama,Okayama)

2015-2017  Government Attorney, the International Cooperation Department (ICD) of the Ministry of Justice's Research and Training Institute

2017-2019  Long-term legal expert in Vietnam, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

2019-2023  Prosecutor, local prosecutor's offices (Tokyo, Mito, Chiba)

2023           Registered with the Tokyo Bar Association and joined GI&T Law Office


Education and Admission

Nobuhiro received his LLB from Kyoto University. He is a member of the Tokyo Bar Association and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. He is also a non-voting member of Committee for International Judicial Cooperations of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and a member of Special Committee for Countermeasures for Anti-social Forces of the Tokyo Bar Association.



-      Japanese, English, Vietnamese

Yamamoto - Profile

Senior Associate


Yuji Yamamoto


Yuji Yamamoto joined GI&T Law Office in September 2020. Prior to joining the GI&T Law Office, Yuji worked as a corporate lawyer in a frozen food company in Tokyo from 2017, where he mainly handled domestic and international contract screening, M&A, compliance of Personal Information Protection Law including GDPR, and risk management to corporate scandals.


Yuji gained a LL.B from Waseda University in 2009 and LL.C from the University of Tokyo, Graduate Schools of Law in 2012, and he started his practice in a law firm in Tokyo. He primary advised on many criminal cases and honed his skill of collecting evidences and criminal courts. Yuji also have good experiences in negotiating with police officers, prosecutors, and courts. 


Work History

2014 Admitted in the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Tokyo Bar Association

2014 Joined a law firm in Tokyo

2017 Corporate Lawyer at the frozen food manufacture listed in the 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

2020 Joined GI&T Law Office

Education and admission

Yuji received his LLB from Waseda University, and his LLM from the University of Tokyo, Graduate Schools of Law. Yuji is a member of the Tokyo Bar Association.



-      Japanese, English

Chinen - Profile



Ryunosuke Chinen


Ryunosuke Chinen joined GI&T Law Office in February 2022. Prior to joining to GI&T Law Office, he worked at MASS PARTNERS Law Firm, where he mainly handled intellectual property matters and corporate litigations. Ryunosuke gained LL.B. from Keio University in 2014 and LL.C. from Chuo University in 2016, and he started his practice in MASS Partners Law Firm

He primarily provides comprehensive support regarding intellectual property matters, including reviewing a draft of patent/design/trademark applications, creating expert opinions concerning success or failure of infringement litigation and representing clients in intellectual property litigation.


Work History

2019 Associate, Mizota Seki Law Office

2019 Associate, MASS Partners Law Firm

2022 Associate, GI&T Law Office


Education and admission

Ryunosuke received his LLB from Keio University, and his LLM from Chuo University, Graduate Schools of Law. He is a member of the Tokyo Bar Association.



-      Japanese, English

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